We chose this project because we found crossing the streets in our community was a safety hazard, especially to younger kids. We decided to change the way people interact in crosswalks. If just pedestirans know about it it wont make much of a difference. This is why we need both the pedestrians AND drivers to work together to make this initiative work. Our goal is to spread our message to both pedestirans adn drivers, with crosswalk signage, and public awareness with the help of Marblehead Police Department, social media, and flyers/rack cards available around town.

Stop, Look, Wave means when you are crossing a street...

Stop-- Stop on the sidewalk before crossing a street.

Look-- Look both ways and make sure you have eye contact with drivers.

Wave-- Wave and wait for a wave back to confirm that the drivers in both directions have seen you before you walk across to the other side of the street.

If you get a confirmation wave from the driver then cross the street. If the driver doesn't see you, try again until the driver makes eye contact or waves back before you cross. Make sure you have eye contact and a wave from both directions of the street before crossing over to the other side.

Some towns, like Newport, Rhode Island, have already started this initiative. Here is a video from Newport on their version of "Stop, Look, Wave". See how they have made their town not only safer but friendlier.