The History of Stop, Look, Wave

Stop, Look, Wave began at the Village School in Marblehead, MA. We got permission from the principal Mrs. Murphy and the head of the school board to paint stop, look, wave signs in the crosswalks of the school. We presented our plans to the entire school. We got everyone to vote on their faveorite design to be our logo. Finally, we started painting, for the very first sign we had a reporter come and take pictures for the local paper. The first signs were a success. We went on to present and paint at other elementary schools in town.

We took our idea to the town and got approved to paint at twenty more locations around town. Now that we are Cadettes we have expanded this project for our Silver Award. Our goal is to ensure saftey of pedestirans in our crosswalks, including, childern, adults, and visitors to our busy seaside town.

When people stop, look and wave before crossing the street it not only makes our town safer but also friendlier.

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